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Empowering Individuals to be Confident Individuals and Exceptional Leaders for the Future

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Hello, I am Selene, founder of Antonini Consulting & Services, LLC based in Illinois.

My career includes working as a certified classroom trainer, Product Manager, Product Owner, Business Analyst, Scrum Master, Transformation Leader, Agile Coach & Leadership Coach to increase awareness in individuals, create high performing teams and impact organizational success.

Leading me to discover – the power of other people achieving their success…IS my passion!

After my first experience with Agile over a decade ago I’ve developed skills to help leaders and individuals break through obstacles and partner with them to provide awareness that transforms from the inside out impacting not only the individual but the mindset of organizational cultures that shapes our world today.


As an agile coach I am always learning and teaching in a collaborative environment which led me to certification as a virtual instructor for Training from the Back of the Room (TBR) that leverages the most current ‘cognitive neuroscience’ techniques to teach, train, learn and retain.  Creating a sustainable impact on individuals.


In Leadership & Transition coaching, I enjoy partnering with clients to maximize their potential in order to keep looking forward. Not only getting through the 'what' but finding the 'who' and build or realign sustainable values they believe in for living a courageous and confident life. Striving to share what I've learned to ensure success is achievable by everyone and together we align passion & purpose with goals & tasks to produce sustainable results you can be proud of.

​My personal journey is to open my door for professionals looking to lead and identify the potential YOU can unleash for yourself and those around you. Transforming you as impactful individuals of the future!

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